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Thread: *GDG * Cleanup *GDG*

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    Default *GDG * Cleanup *GDG*

    Yesterday at the bank around 4pm, I was getting money out. The local junk fellow was there and asked me if I did not know what to do with the $20 I got out; he did??

    I asked him if he was looking for stuff (did not want to label it JUNK). He said he always was looking. I said I have some up in the attic of the garage. He came right over and took quite a bit. An old Computer printer and microwave were the biggest. I asked him what he used it for. He took the copper wires out and sold that and sold the rest. The money he contributed to the schools.

    I did not stop there. The fellow wonder about my old car 1986 Ford Taurus if I would loose it as well. At that point of the day, I said no b/c this fellow did not have the means to move it right away.

    Went into the house and thought about this. i phoned the tow and car junk dealer. He would come right away and take it. Took quite a bit to get it out of the garage as the back wheels did not move? Obviously in there too long!!

    After it was gone my garage was like almost empty. I did not stop there! I piled stuff up to take to my friend's farm to burn. Swept the rest up and have 3 bags for garbage on Friday and took 3 buckets to the compost this am.

    Ever so pleased I have a clean garage and all the junk gone!!! Why did I wait so long to do that???
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mary Lynn Metras View Post
    Why did I wait so long to do that???
    Because you could.
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    Now you have more room for training stuff!
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