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Thread: bumper boy repairs

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    dnevitt, I have a spare recoil pad gagdet if you want it. It is for a two shooter but they should be the same for a four shooter. Just pm me your mailing address.
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    get some epoxy and glue the handle back together,

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    Wayne, I do not have a enough post to send you a PM, I ordered rubber from Mcmaster, reported from another post and when I receive it I will post outcome.

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    Here are a few pictures of how i fixed my missing firing handle for my bumper boys. The bar the handle is attached to is 1/4" so I threaded the bar with a 1/4"-20 die. My local hardware store did not have any knobs so I just used some wing nuts. Seems like the wing nuts will work fine.

    - I pulled the bar out to its cocked position and firmly clamped down the vice grips to keep it from spinning.

    - I began to thread the bar with the 1/4" die.

    - Once threaded i applied loctite and screwed the wing nut tightly down.

    bumper boy 3.jpgbumper boy 2.jpgBumper boy 1.jpgbumper boy 4.JPG
    Drew Allain

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