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Thread: Boehner Yields to Conservatives

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz View Post
    I think you've pretty much nailed it.

    I know a couple of people who have been waiting till medicare to get some real nagging physical problems fixed that are really negatively impacting their quality of life. They have been swallowing the Republican line hook line and sinker. They are suddenly beginning to realize that soon they could have affordable coverage, it's an interesting transformation to witness...
    Buzz, you be sure and let us know how that works out for you. So far, my clients ( the ones that still have coverage) are getting huge rate increases in advance of OC and can expect more in the future. Employers are welcoming the opportunity to get out of the health insurance business. Buzz, please be sure to report back to us when you get your hosing by your employer. It will be sooner than later. I hope you don't but it doesn't look good.
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    If the republicans were interested in reforms where were they when they passed the damn thing.
    The Rs did NOT pass the law.

    The House never voted on the O-care bill. Dingy Harry took another bill that the House had passed, and used an obscure Senate sleight of hand to remove the innards of that bill entirely, and replace it with O-care ... leaving only the bill's #. Then the Senate, with all D votes, passed that new bill. Essentially, the law was passed with only D votes ,,, and you will remember the "Corn Husker Kickback" and the "Louisiana Purchase" that Harry used to bribe two of those Senators.

    Funding bills must start in the House, and there was no way the House would have passed O-care, so the Senate trumped that and Harry had his way.

    This makes it obvious that the rule that permitted 60 people to trump everyone else should be changed!

    So, it was those 60 Dems + Scott Brown that made O-care the law of the land.

    Truthfully, I do believe this is a bad law. We are beginning to see that the single-payer system in the UK is falling apart. We have seen the fraud and waste in Medicare, and how the costs ballooned over time. O-care helps a few at the expense of many. Reid has admitted that O-care is just a first step toward single-payer. Obama admitted that single-payer was what he really wanted.

    Buzz, could those people who want to get their chronic ailments fixed now, fear that with the changes to Medicare, they will be denied those things when they get past a certain age? That is a real possibility. It is what happens in the UK system.

    Historically, any entitlement programs have eternal life. Look at farm subsidies, or many other obscure and obsolete programs.
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    I try not to get feisty, but it really seems to me that the House Rs lost one and now are in full tantrum mode. Their focus on Obamacare has been nonstop to the point that it has eclipsed other important work that body needs to be doing. I would say hopefully after implementation they can get back to work, but that would be an election tear and god knows congress can't do anything in an election year. Maybe this is why their approval rating is at 19%. Incidentally the presidents is at 45% despite his constant barrage of attacks. More than 2 to 1 is the president being supported over congress.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz View Post
    Protect the American People by threatening another financial system meltdown.

    Responsible governing at its best!
    Buzz, You do not really believe that 'shutting down the Government' would cause a financial crisis? By law, not all functions will be shutdown, just non-essential. as defined by the Government. Last time we did this, is was not noticed on Wall Street! Regardless, this was never expected to clear the Senate, it is more for flushing out Senators who support Obama Care (now that we all know what is in the bill), in preparation for the next election. All this talk about it maybe going through the house is just a 'pipe dream'. We all are going to get to feel the 'sting' of this Socialization of America in the years to come!

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