How to introduce wings and or birds to puppy
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Thread: How to introduce wings and or birds to puppy

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    Default How to introduce wings and or birds to puppy

    I have a 7 month old black lab puppy. I have been working with her a good bit and she retrieves, breaks on command, and is getting the hang of things. To this point i have only used different bumpers etc. to train her with. I am wanting to make the switch to more realistic objects. How exactly should i do so? I started by attaching wings to a bumper, what i thought would be a subtle change but it seemed to some what make her nervous. Any advise would be great.

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    First of all, welcome to RTF.

    I'm sure you will get answers from some who are way more experienced than I am, but that is how I started with each of my dogs. I used zip-ties to attach pheasant wings to a few bumpers, then moved to dead birds. From there to clipped wing pigeons and on to real game birds in a hunting/training scenario. Planted birds or live flyers, depending on what type of hunting you are doing.

    Just remember to read the dog. One dog may be able to move through all stages in one or two training sessions, another may take longer. Either way, just keep up the training and you will see results.

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