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View Poll Results: would you allow a first timer drawn as #1 dog to drop back

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Thread: first time and first dog

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    Default first time and first dog

    so as you may recall we had to scratch our first derby (drew #17 dog) because of an incident with a barb wire fence (the fence won!). stitches were removed today and the vet gave us the all clear

    i signed up for a test last week thinking that was the response we would get

    couple weeks ago i posed a question to my training group. if i was the first dog to the line and i told you i had never run a trial and neither had my dog. would you allow me to drop back a few dogs to get the hang of it

    responses varied (including from one who will be a judge at the very derby we will be at) most said probably not

    well of course i jinxed myself. got drawn as first dog

    what would you as a judge do in this situation? stick the script? drop back a few?

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    That's why there's a test dog.

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    Three answers

    1. Politically correct response: " Just watch me and we'll show you how its done"

    2. Real life real world response: "Get in there and Git R Done"

    3. Field Trial snob response: " you're not ready for field trials, go try a hunt test"

    if you are already this apprehensive about drawing an early spot, maybe you need to re examine if you and your dog are ready to compete, because sooner or later you will draw the starting spot either by the rotation or by luck of the draw..I know of many a seasoned FT competitor that would prefer to be first up in the 4 th series and establish such excellent work that they make others change their tactics to try and beat them
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    No you should be able to adjust the line up. Run as your number is designated. Why should anything be different for you?? Just run the trial!! JMO.
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    Just run, if others say you're not ready for FT and are you'll know that these are the people to stay away from as they are selfish and could care less about you or your dog.
    Just don't understand people anymore.
    The foundation to a great retriever is obedience.
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    First is not a bad place for a first time young dog. No drag back scent. Unless he has learned to run through drag back young dog in it's first trial can get stopped dead in his tracks with drag back

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    Judges judge dogs. Judges may decide to establish a rotation - although most do not for the minor stakes. Other than setting a rotation, judges do not establish a running order.
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    Run number one, it is a good spot. It is a marking test, your dog is either a good marker or not. And as other's have mentioned no drag back. You do not have time to get too nervous and your dog does not have too much time to get all worked-up. Plus you will look better and feel better about yourself instead of looking all wimpy about having to ask for a favor to run later.

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    First AKC Junior test for both me and my dog. Dog not FF @ 7 months old. We were supposed to run second but the pro in first position was at another venue. Had to run first. After the explanation but before the test dog, ran back to air the pup. Came to the line shaking. Pup got 9's and 10's for marking but would not deliver to hand. Fast forward two years, learned a lot since then, running Master tests now but still remember how nervous and confused I was. It would have been better to have seen a few others run first. I wouldn't want to do that to any newcomer if avoidable.

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    Hint: The Marshall has a lot of sway over the running order. Don't bother the judges about such things. The Marshall may want to get some Pros out of the way first so they can go on to the higher stakes. Watch those pros closely to see how they line up their dogs. Take your time making sure your dog is really staring down that long memory bird and not lined up for the very attractive Flyer Go Bird station.

    Good luck!
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