Energy Treat between HT or Field Trial series
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Thread: Energy Treat between HT or Field Trial series

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    Default Energy Treat between HT or Field Trial series

    Just curious what if anything may be offered to dogs while in kennel between HT or FT series
    Same is true for energy treat while hunting
    have heard of honey , or peanut butter
    any thoughts

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    We do a lot of upland hunting. Keeps the dogs working hard all day. I feed the night before so in the morning before the hunt I will "spike" a treat with Nutri-Stat and continue at intervals throughout the day. I've been told that if you give the dogs a dose within 20 minutes after the end of the hunt they will recover much better for the next day. Hunt tests and training aren't nearly as taxing as an all day upland hunt but I will give a lesser amount on test days.

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    Years ago I use a product called Energy Pack from National Dog Foods...It was especially good for bird dogs that ran all day ....It was developed for the sled dog Steve S
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    Had a few dogs take judges lunches between series. Didn't seem to help much

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gun_Dog2002 View Post
    Had a few dogs take judges lunches between series. Didn't seem to help much

    Better to feed the dogs eh!!!
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    I just carry a bottle of pancake syrup and give them a few licks from the bottle after a series. My big guy can't have anything on his stomach while running, so he can't even have breakfast the day of a test. I don't think it would be fair to ask him to do all that work without something for energy.

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    Sorry, can't help with the "puppy uppers". I've spent my time searching for the "doggie downers" for my crew. Sigh . . . Saturday Night Live will never live up to those early years!
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