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Thread: Bloat--please read! (a.k.a. GDV)

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    Here is a recent podcast on the subject put out by the AKC's canine health foundation:
    Josie Ottman

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    My male Chessie experienced GDV about 2 years ago, when he was 3 1/2 year old. He woke me up at 2am whining and clearly in distress. His abdomen was enlarged and rock hard. Called the vet and he met me at the clinic 20 minutes later. He couldn't get a vet tech there at 2:30 in morning, so I scrubbed up and assisted with the surgery. A very stressful couple hours in the operating room, but I can say that I now know my dog inside and out, literally. By that afternoon the dog was up and wanting to play. Also, we sutured his stomach to his abdominal wall to prevent this from happening again. After 6 weeks of no activity to let the sutures heal fully, we trained as normal and he earned his HRCH 6 months after his surgery. Looking back on it, there was nothing unusaul about what we did that evening and I cannot point to anything in particular that caused the GDV.
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    One thing I haven't seen mentioned...

    Dogs that were once able to "eat everything" can become more susceptible to bloat as they get older.

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    Thanks for posting - I posted about intestinal twisting several months back - my 6.5 year old yellow lab had intestinal twist while on the way to an event and luckily I noticed the pain and we reach an emergency critical care doctor on the road....just last Thursday 9/19 the intestines started to twist again - starting with bloat. Another surgery and thankfully he is pulling through...
    This last time I only had a very faint hint of a problem but took action fast and got him to an emergency surgeon.
    If anyone would like to see the video or pictures of his x-rays please dont hesitate to email me at

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