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Thread: Boots for dogs

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    Default Boots for dogs

    I am writing to see what type of consensus I can get on using dog boots in the winter and which type has worked best for you. The boots will be used for waterfowl and or upland game. Thank you for your reply.
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    Best investment = DUCT-TAPE. All boots are a major pain, but the leather sack type are probably easier than the Kevlar paw shaped type that you have to place correctly on the foot/ Get the ones that go pretty far up the leg; whatever you do Tape those babies on and still expect to loose one every-time you're out .
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    ON the rare occasions when needed, I like Lewis rubber boots. Tape the leg with athletic pre-wrap (so you do't pull the hair off when you remove them) and then tape them on. Make sure they're big enuf.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Stroyan View Post
    ON the rare occasions when needed, I like Lewis rubber boots. Tape the leg with athletic pre-wrap (so you do't pull the hair off when you remove them) and then tape them on. Make sure they're big enuf.


    Ditto the above...the better and more sophisticated dog boots look the worse they perform. If it is a matter of keeping snow off then Musher's Secret is your best bet. I can't live without that paw wax.

    RuffWear makes a boot that on paper look amazing. Really long boot. Comes right off.
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    I have Avery boots!! and the neoprene coat! Very sturdy.
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    Why would dog need boots? Ice and snow?

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    I don't use boots on my dogs. If I ever need to I guess I will just reach under the truck seat and grab a handful of Crown Royal bags.

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    I've tried the neoprene and leather. Duct taped them. None of them stayed on my dog for any length of time. I used them only cause my dog has problems with losing chunks of the pad off her feet. Now I just don't train her till it heals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Legendary Magnum Rebel View Post
    Why would dog need boots? Ice and snow?
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