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Thread: Duck Hunting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huck18 View Post
    Haha. Just had to get it in there didn't you.
    Wanted my 1st post to be memorable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spanish13 View Post
    He was trained by Buck Ryckman of Ryckman kennels in Boerne, Texas. I wasnt into duck huting and never thought I would try it but I did now I'm hooked. He is obiedience trained. He was not forced fetched but I have yet to have a problem with him retrieving a bird. I dont know what force to pile is can you expalin? He is steady and doesnt break and has been collared conditioned.
    I can tell you are definately an upland guy or all you've been told by them. This is the part they don't seem to want to know.(Generalizing so no insult intended) Holding a bird is only a small piece of FF. FF Starts with teaching a good hold, moves to FF while moving, and finally on to an unknown destination for the dog. It can be done without the actual force part, but its usually slower and gives you fewer tools in the toolbox. Not everyone uses the Carr FF method, but probably a majority do use some form of it. I wish some of the anti-FF upland guys would try to learn more about it than just telling others that its bull.

    Also, it doesn't have to be painful for the dog either. Its not a bloodbath or ripping ears off.
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