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Thread: Sanizize bumpers?

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    Wash or rinse off after I've been grossed out by too much dog slobber - one of my dogs is a serious slimer (sic) of bumpers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mary Lynn Metras View Post
    This is 10 out of 10!!! I wouldn't do it but...Thanks Ken. It would ruin my machine.

    they do kinda thumpity thump in the spin rinse cycle
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    Quote Originally Posted by pangborn83 View Post
    I know it may sound odd but does anyone do anything to sterilize their bumpers? I wash them under clean hot tap water after use. I wouldn't think anything else is nessecary but thought I might as well ask. Thanks, Jim
    When in my training group and we are using real dead birds for the third time, they tin get to be a little ripe, but to the dog they don't care. To answer your question....Why? Humans differ from dogs in a lot of ways. We think in our world to cleanse,but to a dog.......They know when not....

    I haven't read the other posts when I posted this. Your dog will tell you and of course you need to reinforce for that moment, but then smile and do what is needed to reassure dog that you care

    My penny worth.

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    The bird I always worry about is the pigeon. I go down wind and I get a full whiff. Disease in humans is common in humans from pigeons. Still, dogs seem to do well retrieving pigeons. Thus far, I've not acquired any pigeon disease yet either.

    If you want to sanitize your bumpers, use a 1 to 10 Clorox solution. One cc of Clorox to 10 cc of water will kill most anything.

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    I have put mine in the dishwasher, not to sanitize them but because they were getting hard to no Im not married

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    I have never even thought of cleaning my bumpers... often wondered how to get the stick out of older Dokkens, but wasn't too successful at that.
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