Had dinner with Tim Marshall who trained and handled my dog at this years National. My dog was hit with a comedy of errors in the 1st series. Tim said the judges did a great job and handled everything by the book. Tim and Lucy stepped out of the last holding blind after a rebird and went to the line the 1st time at 2:55pm. They had 2 no-birds on the flyer, a dog was picked up for an injury along with all of his birds, and had a shift change. They finally came to the line for the last time, retrieved the 2 hand thrown birds and had to be picked up on the flyer after 3 handles at 4:35pm. We believe this might be the longest series for a dog at the MN. Is there a record of such time? Hopefully so, I'm mean a title is a title. Right? Good luck to all that are still going, and congrats to all that qualified.