Innotek box launchers - reasonable price? <GDG - research>
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Thread: Innotek box launchers - reasonable price? <GDG - research>

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    Question Innotek box launchers - reasonable price? <GDG - research>

    Have a friend who wants to sell 2 pigeon sized and 3 pheasant/duck sized box launchers with electronics (needs to verify if the electronics work, has been a while since he used them). Any thoughts on a reasonable selling price? They have been sitting in his garage unused and they need to find a new home.

    Fill free to PM me directly on your thoughts or post here as I have provided him the link to this thread so he can read the replies.

    I don't have a clue what these are worth used.


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    They are not strong enough to throw a mark with if you want it to go more than 10' in the air. Great for releasing live birds but they do make a lot of noise and some dogs get scared of them. I would not pay anymore than $50/box. If the electronics are good, about $50/receiver and $40/transmitter. Lion country still sells them under their own label now but the radio frequencies are different so you cannot interchange. Most common complaint seems to be water resistance on the receivers.
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    I have one of these w/o electronics. I never use it: too weak, as Eric said. I'd say they are strictly for pointers, with the "pheasant size" using pigeons.

    I have 3 Sure Flyte's with Dogtra electronics that I do use, even to launch dead duck marks. (Though they are NOT as good as wingers for that.)

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    I had a bunch of these years back, and sold them all when better equipment came available for upland work. I had nothing but headaches with mine. Parts broke, fell off, failed, and so on, all the time. Springs got weak quickly, and the arm that hold the basket shut comes apart fast. I wouldn't touch them unless you plan on doing upland ...and you can find someone who can repair/replace the parts...not easy. Moisture will mess up the electronics...they aren't even water resistant, much less waterproof. Innotek had some good concepts, but built them like cheap junk. $50 a box sounds about right *if* the existing electronics are still working, all the parts are there and working and the springs haven't failed, and then plan on replacing them with different electronics if you can.
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