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Thread: CCL X's 2

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    Senior Member road kill's Avatar
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    Default CCL X's 2

    I am posing this so as to maybe help someone.

    As some of you know, Elvis (my BLm) had CCL surgery last summer.
    The process was the "swivel~lock" procedure.
    Dr. Nick Schuett (Dr. Jeff's son) performed the procedure.
    It was a full 6" incision.

    That knee is as solid as could be, and he was running pretty well at about 10 weeks.
    It was a huge success by all accounts.

    Unfortunately, the other knee went this last winter.
    It is a partial tear.

    Dr. Nick is going to go in, clean up the tear and install the swivel~lock on this knee as well.
    However, this will be done arthroscopically!

    A 1/4" incision with minimal down time.
    A 2 to 3 week healing period with the water therapy (under water treadmill).
    Then another 2 to 3 week therapy period rebuilding the atrophied muscles.

    Our expectation is to be running full speed in 8 to 10 weeks!

    If this happens according to plan, this is a alternative process to be considered.
    Let me know if there is interest, I will keep you posted, and if not that's OK too!
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    Stan b & Elvis

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    Senior Member Bridget Bodine's Avatar
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    would love to hear updates! Good luck
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    Senior Member Mary Lynn Metras's Avatar
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    There might have already been a small tear present & when more weight than usual is transfered from bad limb to good it exacerbated the tear. IMO Arthoscopy! I would be very interested to hear how that goes. Good luck to you & Elvis.
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    Senior Member Becky Mills's Avatar
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    So sorry you and Elvis are going through this again but yes, please, I would love a play by play on this surgery.
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    Administrator Vicky Trainor's Avatar
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    Updates are definitely requested!! Hope that Elvis exceeds the doctor's expectations!
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    Senior Member Marty Lee's Avatar
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    bummer for E but great that it can be fixed!
    Marty Lee
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    Sorry to hear that the knee needs to be repaired.

    Jim Wick

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    Senior Member Maxs Mom's Avatar
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    Is there any documentation on the swivel lock procedure? I would like to read about it and learn. I have done 4 TPLO's on 2 dogs. I hope I never have another knee go but in the world of high octane performance dogs I feel that might be a pipe dream

    Look forward to updates and would love to learn more about the procedure.

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    Senior Member Chris Atkinson's Avatar
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    Hang in there and I'm at least happy for you and Dr. Nick that the troubleshooting seems to have gotten to the root cause.

    I think you're about to earn it.... (Or Elvis is):

    Stan CCL.JPG
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    Senior Member Richard Reese's Avatar
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    Good luck with Elvis. The vets are not sure wether my male twisted his knee taking down a crippled goose or has a tear. I am real interested in Elvis's results.
    Richard Reese

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