Long night with a vet visit
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Thread: Long night with a vet visit

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    Default Long night with a vet visit

    Got home from working the dogs last night, followed the same routine, fed , aired , let dogs in.

    For no apparent reason my 4 year old BLF jumps up and starts trying to walk, she's acting panicked(looked like she just seen a ghost) and it appears that she has lost he balance, she does not collapse but it almost looks as if she could not control he muscles.

    She regains some composure and I take he outside to get some air, she comes back in the house and goes goes down on her front legs, at this point I grab her, run her to the truck and head for the 24 hour emergency. My initial thought was bloat, or a seizure. I also noted that her eyes appear to be almost completely black.

    I carried her into the emergency room, she's nervous but starts walking normally as if she's regaining composure. The vets takes her immediately to the back. The report was that all of her vital signs were fine, aside from from this issue she's in great shape. The vet ruled out bloat, and said they could do some blood tests but that would only rule out a couple of things but most likely would not provide an immediate answer.

    I took her home, she slept fine and appears to be alright this morning. The vet said sometimes things happen that you just can't immediately explain, she also said that seizures come in many forms.

    She probably wont work much this weekend. What a horrible feeling!
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    Sounds very scary! Hoping things are better now and it doesn't happen again!

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    Any access to wild mushrooms or anything with fungus/mold? Had a similar situation with my first dog about 15 years ago-she spent the night in the ER as well.

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    Great you got your girl to the vet even though they didn't find anything! It's so easy to wait. Hope you see no more issues. Btw, I like the note about St. Thomas. Now that would be worth watching (especially with some of the senseless cruelty going on in this area)! Oz
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    toxin????? Glad shes feeling ok today! scary!
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    Laryngeal collapse/partial collapse? We had a dog that would occasionally lose his balance, and get wobbly. We'd rush him to the vet (2x), and by the time we got there he would be better and vet would not find anything. The dog didn't display symptoms--didn't cough much or have a hoarse bark. As far as I know, the only way to check for LC is to put the dog under and watch to see if there is collapse. Good luck and hope it doesn't happen again.
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    Sorry to hear about your ordeal. Good to hear she's home and doing better. Here's hoping for a complete recovery.

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    A back or neck injury/re-injury can show up like this, from my experience.
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    Since apparently it didn't happen when the dog was working or doing something that could be a trigger I assume that EIC is not in the equation? I have had dogs exhibit this behavior from small strokes to liver problems, might want to dig deeper. Hope she is ok.
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    Hope Sable is doing better; Only thing I could think as possible would be an ear issue, even without an infection if she had a bit of water in there from training, it could really mess with her equilibrium.
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