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Thread: Retrieves During FF?

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    Default Retrieves During FF?

    We are on 4th day of ear pinch - He is starting to reach for the bumper and I believe he is starting to get the association.
    I have been giving him a fun bumper every now and then to keep up his spirits. What are peoples thoughts on this?

    Also he is still retrieving frozen/cold ducks in the field a couple times a night outside the ear pinch session. Is this a major no no?

    He's 6.5mos.
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    I think it can hurt more then help... i would take some time off on the retrieves...

    If he drops on a retrieve and doesnt hold, he is getting away with what your trying to teach him not to...

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    I think it depends on the dog. If you are getting delivery to hand than yes keep doing marks!

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    I think it depends on whether it's breaking down the standards you're trying to build. If he's dropping or getting loose mouthed stop.

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    I find as long as you don't try to up hold a standard that isn't there that it doesn't matter.
    I throw " pick me up" bumpers all the time and I don't even care if they pick them up. A lot of dogs run out to them and screw with it,,I just encourage them to come back. The purpose of a fun bumper is to "pick the dogs attitude up" Keep the 2 contexts separate and it won't matter 1 ioda. Now if the dog won't have any thing to do with your fun bumper then I would evaluate what your doing and your strategy in which case you may want to cease fun bumpers or introduce a new strategy where you can use them..

    Sometimes you have to feel your way through it,,because there is no step by step progression through FF which works the same on all dogs. Play with it ,,see what works best and continue from there. My .02 any way. Remember some of the best, well known trainers have washed dogs during FF because of an attitude that would not change . Rare but it happens

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