HRC handler question for hunt test
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Thread: HRC handler question for hunt test

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    Default HRC handler question for hunt test

    I'm running my dog in a started test tomorrow and my daughter wants to handle the dog during one of the tests. Would she be allowed to run one series with him ? She is 8 and not trying to get a handler title she just enjoys working the dog. I haven't run test in probably 13+ years and can only find rules based on the handler titles. Was wandering if anyone her might have a quick answer


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    List as as a handler. Talk to the judges and see what they say. I think that its great for her to be involved.

    Lonnie Spann
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    Don't know the official rules on it but I was handling a dog for a friend that is wheel chair bound in a test last fall. I ran the dog that morning and he showed up that afternoon and we asked if he could run the dog that afternoon. We were told no...and that the person that handled the dog in the morning series had to in the afternoon as well.

    My opinion (which holds very little water) is- who cares who handles the dog. We're testing the dog.

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    Never hurts to just ask the judges. I was at a test last month and one of the handlers asked if a little girl (10) could run the dog. She stood behind the girl while the dog ran. Judges were ok with it, it helps get the youth involved and interested.

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    Thank you all I will give it a shot in the morning and report back

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    Last year I ran my mother's dog in a Started test in the morning (water -- mom forgot her boots). She went to the line in the afternoon to run him on land and they REFUSED to let her HANDLE HER OWN DOG. Talk about a DUMB rule. Who cares who runs the dog!!!! It's the OWNER!!!
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    Had my 7 year old daughter "co handle" with me... sat her on the bucket next to me while i stood and let her call for the marks, whistle him in and encourage her dog. She wasnt handling the dog but to her it was a big deal and at the end of the day thats all that matters. In her eyes she titled her dog so being the kind of father i am I was sure to let her get wet at the banquet.. The judges were more than understanding as they should be. Its started not the Grand.

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    just wanted to give an update, my dog went a little nuts at the hunt test I now believe I have what everyone refers to a firebreather. It is amazing how quickly they can go from training to just about losing his mind during testing. I purposely trained for a couple of weeks without the collar and never a break or no issues with heeling or sit or anything. Get to the test and he is ready to go, was going to do it off lead but wasn't happening he was ready to go, he settled down a lot for the land marks, I took him off lead, my daughter at my side and didn't really have to hold on to him he did fine marked both birds delivered to hand, judges made a comment he isn't lacking any drive. I think he left the line faster and kicked up more dirt that any other dog there. I was pretty mad that he pulled on the lead on the way up. Had my wife not been nagging me the entire morning about wanting to watch him I would of scratched him because I didn't feel he deserved the opportunity to make a retrieve given the way he walked to the line. We sat around almost 5 hours until the water test started. he was worse with it, he practically dragged me to the line I wish I could have used the heeling stick to correct him . There wasn't enough room for my daughter to be by my side at the water but she did get close enough to watch. during the land test I made him sit for 10 seconds or so before releasing him, for the water marks that was the plan but he broke my standards about 5 seconds in on the first retrieve brought it back again I wasn't going for a title just trying to appease my wife and daughter if I were there by myself I would have scratched him, the second duck hit the water and I'm sure the judges were wondering if I was ever planning on releasing him I eventually did and he passed but I left mad at him. My wife and daughter had an absolute blast meeting people and seeing all the dogs, I left with a lot of questions of what to do next. he is 2.5 now is the best family dog we have ever had, the best inside dog we have ever owned but he isn't cutting it as a hunting dog. Man its frustrating how many hours of training I have in him only for him to act like that. He has too much drive, I haven't figured a way to dial him back so I am left scratching my head wondering what to do next. He demonstrated the same behavior when I took him dove hunting the only difference is I was able to correct him with the heeling stick and collar but he is still jacked up whenever he knows we are hunting. I can throw birds all day long and he is excited but it is 10 times more exciting when it is the real deal for him. what to do next is the big question going through my mind
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    my suggestion would be to find a club and train with them every chance you get. as close to a test like astmophere you will find. if he pulls you to the line on lead correct and get back in line if he does it again back to the truck and wait. training days with lots of people and dogs are for more than just picking up birds.

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    Senior Member pat addis's Avatar
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    I would allow it I might get in trouble for it but if we can't get kids involved the future isn't too bright for our sport. this is supposed to be a family activity lighten up judges and after all it is started. but with your dog dragging you your daughter might have got hurt so it might have worked out better.

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