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Thread: Dog has major Plack buildup on teeth any suggestions

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    Genetic only in shape, consistency, thickness and smoothness of the enamel of her teeth (could be congenital as well), and the output of saliva. All the bacteria in your dog's (and yours as well) is acquired. The first inoculation of bacteria is from the mother and is introduced via the birth canal, the mother licking the pup, and any other foreign bacteria in the pups immediate surroundings and on the mothers body/nipples. Bacteria continues to be introduced throughout the pups lifetime as it shares toys, training aids, water and food dishes, other dogs' mouths, and even from their owners. A typical bacterial load for a dog is around 140 different types of bacteria (humans have over 700!) of those, only 12 or so types cause problems with decay or periodontal disease.
    Now that doesn't seem to matter because you have an issue with plaque, right? Well, consider what plaque is made of: dead and sloughing skin cells (all that pink or other colored tissue is skin!), dead and dying bacteria, bacteria that eats and breeds in those "food" sources, food and other debris, and minerals, salts, calcium,etc from the saliva. If your dog produces only a slight amount of thick and ropey saliva, all of that "stuff" will stick to every surface and not be washed away like it is with copious thin saliva drooling dogs.
    Think about your last dental visit and cleaning. Just how long did that "slick" clean feeling last? I'll bet you were running your tongue around checking out all the smooth feeling surfaces! And in doing so, you were re-coating the teeth with a bacteria laden matrix called the "pellicle" which is essential in keeping your teeth from drying out, holds good bacteria close against the teeth, and keeps your teeth insulated against sudden temp changes.
    Since you probably didn't brush your dog's teeth twice a day as well as flossing, your dog tends to build up plaque and staining fairly quickly. As far as why one gets it faster than the other, could be any of the above listed things, just like one person gets plaque buildup every 3 months and others can go for many years without ever getting plaque/tartar buildup.
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    Good info! She is at the Pro for many months at a time. But not far from my home. I'll just have to take a more active hand in bringing her home for dental hygiene breaks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1tulip View Post
    Good info! She is at the Pro for many months at a time. But not far from my home. I'll just have to take a more active hand in bringing her home for dental hygiene breaks.
    A lot of pros buy a couple of big bones, and rotate them amongst the dogs when they are on the trailer. Not the airing yard as a fight could break out.

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    We use elk antlers. I bought a pair from a guy in Florida. Parker goes to town on those things. I've had them for almost two months and the boys have barely made a dent in them.
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    ditto on the cow hooves. you might also try buying a dental scraper. my dogs allow me to scrape their teeth.
    Quote Originally Posted by awclark View Post
    Cow hooves work well for my dogs.

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    My dog loves his antler sheds. Get them hooked on them and take them out in the woods in early spring and find them. Free chews!!
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