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Thread: LPK Delaware Rivers Autumn Squaw MH MNH**

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    Default LPK Delaware Rivers Autumn Squaw MH MNH**

    Minsi is our breeds newest Master National Hunter/ MNH by Qualifing in 2009-2011 & 2013.
    I dont even know where to start or who to thank first.
    Mike & Sandy Berube (Long Pond Kennel. Maine) for breeding such an awesome dog to start with. Jim Seible (Cross Creek Kennel. PA) my mentor and good friend/trainer for the out standing job he has done preparing Minsi for Master level work.

    Mike Berube whelped a litter of puppies while on his winter training trip to the Thomasville, GA area some 8 years ago on March 25, 2005. Little did he know at the time, where he and the little sedge puppy would end up. Not at one, but three Master Nationals where Mike and Minsi became one of the top Chesapeake/handler teams. Mike has qualified for, pre-national trained and handled Minsi in all three Master Nationals. Mike is a true Professional and a great friend. Thank You Sir.

    This was not only Minsi's Hall of Fame run but her farewell tour as well. It is time for Minsi to come home and stay home. We have Teal, Lena and Hydro, all Minsi puppies to pick up where mommy left off.

    Just wanted to share, thanks for reading.
    Best Wishes,
    Jeff Wilson...........
    Proud Teammate of Blue Ridge Chesapeakes:
    St. Clair Kodiak Bear MH** "Kodie"
    LPK Delaware Rivers Autumn Squaw MH MNH** "Minsi" ( 3 time Master National Qualifier 2009 & 2011 & 2013)
    Delaware Rivers First Flight MH** "Teal" ( Gunner & Minsi Pup )
    Delaware Rivers Return Flight MH** "Lena" ( Gunner & Minsi Pup )
    Delaware Rivers Storm Surge** "Hydro" ( Chester & Minsi Pup )
    Luck is where preparation meets opportunity:

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    Congrats Jeff, you know I've loved Minsi and threatened to steal her off Mike's truck ever since I met her in 2009 I think it was. She is a fabulous dog, in looks and disposition as well as accomplishments. You deserve to be proud of her. PS I'd still like to steal her!
    Julie R., Hope Springs Farm
    Chesapeake Bay Retrievers since 1981

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    Congratulations! That's wonderful! Minsi does the Chesapeake breed proud!

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