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    Yesterday my 18 mo old BLF vomited a small amount of blood twice after vomiting up some grass. Amount was small, I'd guess 2 Tbs, each time, and was fresh, bright red. I called vet, he said bring in the vomit, feed her a cup of food and bring her in. He checked her out, his initial concern was "anticoagulants", but said most likely she had cut her mouth and/or esophagus chewing/swallowing a stick or similar. Also mentioned the possibility of a rare bacteria that could cause an ulcer and gave me some antibiotics. Rat poison is a near impossibility-the only time she is not in her crate/kennel is when we are working out, or she is in the house. She seems 100% fine, eating/drinking normal, #2's normal (not black), but of course I worry. Anyone have experiences similar to this???

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    Bright red blood is usually better than dark brown, Bright red means the blood is getting oxygen, so most likely a cut upper mouth espoghagus, etc. Swallowing blood can cause a dog to vomit, so if she cut her mouth etc. that might've been the reason she puked. You took her to the vet so I assume they ruled out something stuck in her upper track. An ucler has a tendency to keep bleeding, so most likely some simple cut that's healed up and you won't see again. Throwing up Dark Brown blood (looks like coffee grounds, is much worse), internal bleeding something more akin to, Rat-poison, organ failure, etc. Black poop also a sign of internal bleeding, if something pushed through her system you might see a little of it, until it's cleared. Then you might have to call the vet again, but it sounds like your on the right track.

    Again I'm not a vet, just someone who's seen Red, & Brown blood, and Rainbow colored poop.
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    I had to check your location, as the exact same symptoms were relayed to me, with a 9 month old two days ago.

    Youngster eating again and seemingly back to normal today.

    How is your youngster?
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    Everything back to normal. No issues/complications. Thanks for asking. Hope your pup is ok.

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