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Thread: Eic

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    Default Eic

    If a dog is an EIC carrier will it display any type of behavior? More mellow - sleeps a lot? Tires easily - would you be able to tell unless tested?

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    Carrier no problems related to eic......Affected are the dogs that have episodes. If you don't know that at least one parent was clear you should probably test
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    Quote Originally Posted by esoxhawk View Post
    ... would you be able to tell unless tested?
    No, carriers don't have EIC symptoms.

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    No, there would be no signs. You would need to get the test done.

    Peyton is affected and plays harder and longer than Bindi, her daughter who is three years younger and a carrier.
    If you have an affected dog you need to learn the triggers for an episode, so you can work around them.

    I say get the test. It is worth the money to know.

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    Sounds like you need to have your dog checked for something else, along with having him / her tested for EIC. I, too, have an EIC effected dog that still has high energy at 10 years old. She hasn't had an 'episode' since I learned what triggers it.
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    My carrier displays extroirdinary drive followed by bouts of needing his ears scratched.
    Carriers have no symptoms

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    All the carriers and there are many I'm familiar with, are high drive and stylish; it was so consistent that we were predicting EIC carrier test results with pretty good accuracy, before they ever came back. They just seem to have a bit of insanity in their eyes . I know of 2-4 EIC affected dogs, most are very wild, can't regulate themselves and will throw themselves in to a collapse if not watched. I only know of one who is a very mellow "show-type" lab, has never collapsed, probably never will the dog isn't active wild enough for that, but for who multiple test results came back affected.

    I would say you should look for something else cuasing the tiredness; perhaps what your feeding; the dog might need a higher fat formula to maintain energy, perhaps when your feeding; feeding a dog twice a day or in the morning can make them slow, as they're digesting food all day. If not those things, you might have a bigger problem and need a vet consult blood tests etc.
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    If one of mine had those symptoms, I'd have a thorough physical done, including cardiac workup. What is the age?

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    Quote Originally Posted by esoxhawk View Post
    If a dog is an EIC carrier will it display any type of behavior? More mellow - sleeps a lot? Tires easily - would you be able to tell unless tested?
    That sounds more like low thyroid than anything. Exactly what was going on with one of mine and within a few weeks of starting thyroid meds he was a totally different dog.
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    Quote Originally Posted by esoxhawk View Post
    If a dog is an EIC carrier will it display any type of behavior? More mellow - sleeps a lot? Tires easily - would you be able to tell unless tested?
    I think I'm effected...Steve S
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