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Thread: Hooked...When to take/When did you take the next step?

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    My opinion is this, coming from a weekend/evening trainer who can't afford a pro. 1 dog in its prime running master tests, Q, AM and 1 puppy. Then potentially an old dog, prime, puppy depending on the timing.

    I'm working on #2 now. Biggest thing is be able to dedicate time and money or the dog won't reach its potential. I would give the first dog a few years and re-visit the second dog unless you are financially capable of becoming fully "addicted".

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarrinGreene View Post
    Working two dogs through different stages of basics is a pain in the ass (you'll see soon). I would wait until I at least had dog 1 in transition before acquiring a second. Also, it sounds like you are relatively, if not totally new to the game. I would get one through and learn about the required training before I bought a second.
    Totally agree!

    Although I'm on the fifth lab male in direct line since 1973 this is my first hunt test dog. All the others were strictly hunting dogs. Either I or my hunting partner would purchase a female to breed for the next generation. This way, as the older male reached 11 the younger would be approaching three and there would be a female somewhere in between.

    We took up the hunt test game two and a half years ago. After all this time and three titles I realize how much I still have to learn. Looking back I would do a lot of things differently.

    I suggest you start with one and devote your learning curve to it.

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    i too am new and addicted, its all i think about and read about and talk about. my poor gf lol. I had same thought when do i get next pup. I look at it now as i owe it to him my first dog of all my own and first dog i wanna test with and maybe some trials well see how things go. First and formost he is a hunting dog if my training and his ability and my pocket book will allow i will go further as long as he enjoys it. Ive became very attached to my lil man and hes my best bud now, hes 8 months old and the fact of me leaving him home so i can hunt or work my other young dog is something that doesnt sit right with me. we started this journey together and i owe it to him to stick to him and allow him to enjoy every mintue and every retrieve even tho i want more then one dog. What ive decided to do is keep my hunting dog/test dog and ride the journey out till hes older and im goin to adopt a dog from a shelter or something. my buddy is in same boat but his male is 3 yrs old and he only hunts amd is gettin another dog soon, to me its just not fair to the dog. I remeber being young and dad going on hunting trips with out me and it wasnt fun dont let ur lil man feel like that lol maybe different for pure competition homes tho i suppose

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    I began this sport knowing absolutely nothing about it. Actually found out about Hunt Tests AFTER I got my lab. Luckily she was bred well and is smarter than me, since I have trained her completely myself- mostly from books and videos. In the past 4 years I have learned SO much. My dog just turned 5yr and I am just now feeling the itch to start a new pup next spring. I agree you should have first dog thru transition. It is only now that I feel I know so much more and have a lot to teach a new pup. Lately I find myself saying "with the next one" all the time. Especially when my current dog messes up, ha.ha If you have $ to send dogs out to a trainer that may alter your timetable some. Most successful do it yourselfers I know, have their first dog at master level (or almost there), before getting a new pup. I want to have a really good relationship with my dog and don't see how I could do that with a lot of young dogs close together. But then I only had two kids too, while others have a half dozen and love it. Also remember, Life gets in the way of dog training sometimes! I had to take a whole year off due to health and family obligations. Good Luck, whatever you decide... enjoy the journey.

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    I have three: 12, 8 and 1 1/2. With three dogs the vet bills can add up to sizable amounts. I would keep at least
    Four years between dogs.
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    One dog is always fun and all your time in the field/yard is devoted to one animal. More than one can be tough if you aren't experience with know what exactly each dog needs to advance. They both can keep eachother from advancing to the next level pretty easy. In the HT game I would at least make sure my older go is do strong Master work before I got another pup. If seeking FT game, I would make sure your older dog is doing all-age work before messing with another pup. This is my opinion if you are new to the game. Also give yourself time to learn from your mistakes with your first dog before making the same ones with the next, we all have.

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