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    This morning I had to have Chasey put to sleep(shattered my soul). She was from Hunters Marsh, out of U GO GET ER and Laser Marks DRIVING FORCE. Best dog I ever had. My question is anybody breeding Hunters Marsh dogs? If so I believe I would pup sometime next year.

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    So sorry to hear it. Damn. Sucks. I lost a dog not long ago and thinking about a pup and shopping around was (and is) really therapeutic for me. Best wishes.

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    Sincere condolences. So sorry for your loss.
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    Sorry for your loss. Here is a link to a kennel that has what you may be looking for: Good luck in your search for a new puppy.

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    I too am sorry for your loss. They are only with us a short time but can mean so much. RIP Chasey.
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    I'm sorry for your loss and they're just not here long enough. I really dread that day.

    Tim's Ely from Kingseed and my JD are littermates. My dog recently bred a female from Hunters Rose Kennel and she's a sweet dog that can hunt. So there's two dogs from Hunters Marsh that are being bred. Don't be scared of the pointing thing. My dog hunts ducks and geese and even retrieves the few I hit.

    I'll try to PM you the classified link. This will at least give you some info.

    Again sorry for your loss.

    Joe Dickerson

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    Search for Hunters Marsh at hunting Lab pedigree, it brings up a bunch of results, but You might be able to trace your particular line there/dogs of interest. etc. and find out who's available and might be breeding. When I was looking I was able to trace offspring from my dogs litter mate and was then able to find a breeding as well.
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    Sorry to hear of your loss.
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    Looking for Hunters Marsh Dogs:
    Look at GRHRCH UH Hunters Marsh King Elijah QAA MNH. (www kingseedkennels com). Click on the "boys tab" for dog info and pedigree.
    Litters often, talk to Tim if interested he can help you pick a breeding.

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