flea problem / treatment options / question about medicine
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Thread: flea problem / treatment options / question about medicine

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    Default flea problem / treatment options / question about medicine

    Treated my 3 dogs with Freedom 45 spot on flea treatment after my one pup had some fleas. All dogs were combed out / washed and let dry for a day and treated with Freedom. Vacuumed out and flea bombed the dogs coop and kennel / replaced with new straw. Vacuumed and sprayed all dog areas in the house and spot sprayed carpets and furniture with flea spray. Everything else that could be thrown in the washing machine was. 7 to 10 days after treatment I notice my other dog scratching and find a couple of fleas on him. I will repeat the cleaning process but can I re-treat the dogs with anything. I want to get rid of the fleas but I don't want to make my dogs sick. Freedom 45 says it is made of permethrin 45% w/w. Thanks in advance for your suggestions, Danny

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    I've been told to break the flea cycle you have to repeat yard treatments and such every 7-10 days because in it's egg stage it is not affected by sprays. I can't help you on the dog stuff you're using, never heard of it. If it were me, I'd treat the house and dog, 7-10 days later treat the house only, then 7-10 days later treat house and dog again. I don't have any fleas here but I've seen some good results using Comfortis on the dogs.

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    Do you also have problems with ticks?

    If I were you, I'd be using something like Frontline Plus, for at least a few months, as it would control both fleas and ticks.
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    Haven’t heard of the product your using. Would recommend purchasing Frontline Plus and using for minimum of 3 months on every pet in the home. You will see fleas for three months as the flea goes through its life cycle. Frontline Plus is guaranteed to work when purchased from your vet. Best option.

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    Had a similar problem last month. Went round and round with the fleas but we finally got them. Bombed the house once, but they came back. I put Advantage topical on my pup and the fleas I was finding on the bed and such were dead, but they just kept coming. It was only after we treated the house 3 times over a 3 week period that we gained some ground. That did the trick for breaking up their cycle. At around the time of the final treatment, I also switched my dog over to the Trifexis pill. Not sure if that helped us get rid of the problem or not, but after speaking with the vet the topical treatments don't hold up too well to water... so Trifexis seemed like a good solution. Good luck! Stay persistent and you'll get 'em!

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