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Thread: Help with Hold

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    Default Help with Hold

    Hello. I have been lucky enough to own and train two labs so far. Both earned their HRCH and I have a pretty good sense of how to train a dog to hold. I have a new lab that just turned 7 months and am having trouble getting him to hold. I was activated for the military when he was 3 to 6 months and missed that time where I got to reinforce it with my other labs. The dog loves to retrieve abd I have been working on HOLD for the past three weeks with little improvement. Any possible sugestions would be useful as I want to force fetch him as I am scheduled for another round of deployed time from DEC 1 through June 30, 2014.
    Thanks Dad!

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    3 weeks!! PM me Tim. I'll give you a link to a video clip that should clear this up.

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    One thing - take your time and don't get frustrated. Do a little bit day by day. Don't make it your major thing you do each day. Have the dog still chase your bumper, do obedience etc. Have fun! IMO
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    I have a 7 month old that now holds really well. Some dogs respond to different things. I did end up force holding him but what really helped was before I even tried force hold, I would give him his bumper, and when he would go to drop it, I would just start walking away. The natural reaction for the dog was to follow me, so he would grab the bumper and follow me. While I was walking I would repeat "hold" a few times then I would stop turn to him and take it and say "drop". I repeated that every day for a while and then he kind of passively learned not to drop the bumper until I put my hand out and said drop.

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