Hrch Calypso Seven Bales High SH (Bailey) 10/2000- 10/2013
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Thread: Hrch Calypso Seven Bales High SH (Bailey) 10/2000- 10/2013

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    Default Hrch Calypso Seven Bales High SH (Bailey) 10/2000- 10/2013

    A friend of mine called me one morning because he knew I was in the market for a new puppy. He told me his breeder had two pups left from a really nice litter. I called and told her I would take the Female sight unseen.

    That was the start of HRCH Calypso Seven Bales High SH ‘s life with us.

    She was a great puppy! Full of GO right out of the box. Just a really fun Dog!!

    I am not much for writing words to honor her, so here are some pics as my way of Honor, and saying good by… We loved you very much “B”!! Because of you our lives have been made more full.

    First started testfirst started tests.jpg
    On her waystarted mark.jpg

    Delivery to handstarted delivery to hand.jpg

    Junior HunterJuniorHunter.jpg

    First Seasoned tests (Uncle Bill Judge)Seasoned test.jpg
    Never had to worry about "No Go"

    Nick (my son) and BaileyAttachment 15388

    Pheasant hunt with meMike and B.jpg
    bailey2.jpgbAILEY MAT.jpg

    Very proud of her Believe me,,it was ALL Dog!!!bailey ribbons.jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Sorry Mike!! She couldnt have had a better owner!!!!
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    Condolences for your loss of Bailey. I know how much your four legged kids mean to you. God's speed Bailey...may you break on every flyer and catch them before they hit the ground!

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    Mike I am so sorry to hear that Bailey has passed but you and Diane have all those great memories. I know that no other dog can replace her but Flinch is trying hard for you, so go hunting and just think of the good times you had with her.

    Take care buddy,

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    Sorry Mike. You were a great pair and gave each other a wonderful life together.
    "Too late smart, too soon old" - Now I finally get it Grandpa

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    I am so sorry for your loss. I know from how you wrote about them how much you love your dogs.

    We have a 13 year old at home and consider every day we get with her from now on is a gift.

    RIP Bailey

    lesa c
    Ramblin Maxx Retrievers

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    I've been keeping you, Diane and Bailey in my thoughts all morning. I truly understand the emotions and heartache you are experiencing. There aren't words to make it better, but I hope knowing that others share your grief bring some comfort.

    The memories...ahhhhhh, such sweet memories...they will always be with you.

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    Sorry for your loss Gooser. Never easy.
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    I'm sorry Gooser. It's tough to loose one.

    They are never with us long enough.
    Howard Niemi

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