Dog Vest Rubbing Dogs Nipples Raw
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Thread: Dog Vest Rubbing Dogs Nipples Raw

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    Default Dog Vest Rubbing Dogs Nipples Raw

    I was wondering if any one had had problems with their dog vest rubbing the nipple raw on their dog? And if so what do you use to keep this from happening? Is it just a bad fitting vest? I would like to keep using the vest I have but since my dog had puppies when I use the vest it rubs her nips so raw that they start to bleed a little. Any advise would be great. Thanks

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    Neoprene will rub if it's not snug enough, needs to be wet suit tight. Any unpholster can modify to fit and fix your problem.
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    AI think I saw a peek-e-boo vest once...I was drinking pretty hard though. I suppose you could rub some lotion or petroleum jelly on them for lubrication.
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    Put a child's size T shirt that fits snugly under the vest. Some use Vaseline under upland vests but not sure it would hold up in water. You might also apply New Skin as a protectant. Someone posted a description of custom fitting a vest on this forum.

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