Dog refuses to eat
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Thread: Dog refuses to eat

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    Default Dog refuses to eat

    I need some advice. My 4 year old blf had a bout of diarrhea 2 weeks ago. We fed some chicken and rice for a day and a half and it cleared up, reintroduced food and all was good for 4 days then more diarrhea. Did hamburger and rice for 2 days, again it cleared up quickly. When we tried to reintroduce regular food she ate around the dog food and just ate the hamburger and rice. Now that we are only giving her the dog food she won't eat, it's been 2 days since she's eaten. At feeding time she is all excited like normal but just looks in the bowl then looks all around for anything else to eat. She is acting normal, not lethargic, doesn't seem sick. I tried an experiment to see if she'll eat anything and offered a milk bone, she ate that without hesitation. My wife and I feel like she is being stubborn (she is a VERY stubborn girl) and just wants to eat hamburger and rice now that she's had a taste of it. We did try a different dog food and she won't touch it. our other dog (clf), is having no problems at all so I don't think it's the food. She has had bowel movements recently also. Any advice/help on what to do is greatly appreciated.


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    I'd try a different bag of food.This bag you're trying to feed may be spoiled.

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    Did she by any chance drink from a puddle or pond recently? If so, she may have gotten Campylobacter which hits quickly with diarrhea and can linger if not treated, affecting the appetite.
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    Has she been to the vet?

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    It is funny how they do that. When I feed green tripe a few times a week, I do get that look like "hey, bro no tripe?"

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    Might be worth checking his teeth. I had a dog which wouldn't eat unless his food was floated with water and then ate slowly. Finally realized when he got stung on the face at a trial a few weeks an found he had a busted tooth. This explained for his strange bird handling habits and cigaring bumpers which had never been an issue until two months prior.

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    You haven't given a lot of info...but if dog got super sick, he might associate the food with being super sick. So dog might have a food aversion to the food that he ate just prior to feeling bad. This is an important survival strategy! Something makes you sick, you never ever want to eat it again.

    I still can't eat beef spare ribs, I can't even have them in the house, as they were the last thing I ate before barfing for 2 days...and barfing some more...
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    Brad C
    What exactly are you feeding (brand and formula) and is this food what your dog has been eating for a while? Is she normaly a good eater? Yes dogs can get stubborn about food when you add somethng they like and then go back to dry food. I have the same exact problem with my house dog. To get her to eat when I put the food down I add a tbl spoon of low salt beef or chicken broth and room temp water over her dry food. She never misses a meal that way.
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    Been feeding Eukanuba large breed formula, (not part of the recall). She's been eating that her whole life. We did buy a bag of Euk Excel with chicken and rice thinking maybe the corn was causing the diarrhea. This morning she had thrown up in her kennel and there was some of the treat in there. I did email the vet this morning and he said what Mitty said. Tonight we fed some completely different food and she devoured it, but then an hour later she threw it up. The vet said the next step would probably be x-rays and some anti nausea/anti diarrhea meds.

    Thanks everyone for the replies

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    Update, took her to the u of m vet clinic today and saw an internal specialist. She actually has some failure, her liver proteins were sky high and on ultrasound it looked dark. They took a sample an dent it to pathology. Hopefully everything comes back 'not cancerous' and is just something that we can treat and she'll be fine!

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