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Thread: Shipping Puppy into Canada

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    Did the little Automated import deal- I think what will be happening that is mentioned here is "fees".

    Recommendations to CBSA/Documentation and Registration Requirements

    CBSA Inspection(must be accompanied by the following documents\registrations):
    • Rabies Vaccination Certificate

    Importer / Broker Instructions


    Rescued dogs are stray dogs that have been rescued following a natural disaster in another country and are destined to an Aminal Welfare Organization.

    - issued and signed by a licensed veterinarian


    The animal is accompanied by a signed certificate of a veterinarian that clearly identifies the animal and shows that the animal is currently vaccinated against rabies. Date and type of vaccine used must appear on certificate. Animals less than 3 months of age at the time of importation into Canada are not required to be vaccinated for rabies.


    Exemptions from rabies certification: An assistance dog and dogs under three months of age at the time of importation into Canada.

    An assistance dog is a dog that is imported as a guide, hearing, or other service dog, is not subject to any restrictions for import where the person importing the assistance dog is the user of the dog and accompanies the dog to Canada



    Require: Valid Rabies Certificate signed
    (vaccination good for 1-3 years: check certificate; ensure it is still current)
    Check animal matches description on Rabies Certificate
    Check animal appears healthy - ie bright, alert and responsive, if not ask (may have been sedated for travel - this is OK)
    If the animal does not appear to be in good health or is sick, please refer to CFIA Vet
    Assistance dogs with their users do not require Rabies Vaccination
    If no rabies vaccination complete form CFIA/ACIA 5347 - Notice to Vaccinate - (that form can be found on the internal CBSA website) and fax completed form to the District Office (DO) of the POE and advise the veterinarian (Owner is responsible for contacting the DO within 2 business days of arrival at the area of residence for follow-up, the CFIA vet will collect any fees required during follow-up, they are not collected at the border).

    D-19 - Live Animals : Included in This Section:
    · Mammals and reptiles
    Excluded From This Section:
    · Live fish
    · Insects (other than honeybees)

    Applicable Legislation
    · Health of Animals Act and Regulations
    ·Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

    ·The Health of Animals Act stipulates that an animal must reside in a country a minimum of 60 days before that country can be considered the country of origin.
    ·The requirements of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) are not provided in this Memorandum. Refer to Memorandum D19-7-1 for further information and to ensure that restrictions do not apply.

    There are no exemptions to the requirements outlined in this section (commercial or non-commercial).

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    A friend, who is a FT'er up here and works for CBSA and was as surprised as we all are with regards to this. He is currently trying to track down additional information. Will share as soon as I hear any additional information.

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