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Thread: conversation on the line?

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonstonelabs View Post
    I try to stay focused and not let the chatter bother me. I did have one notable negitive experience though. I ran Biscuit and HaM in an open several years ago. Both dogs to the fourth series which ment I went to the line eight times. ... each and every time the senior judge was on his cell phone! I've not forgotten that!!!


    I would have never walked to the line to run my dog if the judge was on the cell phone, no matter a FT or HT. That is completely disrespectful one time, let alone 8 times. I am surprised that someone did not say something to him, whether it be the co-judge, or someone from FT committee.

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    Believe me it was brought up and ignored. Most were calls received while I was running. Judge wss from out of town making arrangements for training after the trial. The funny thing was most people said" I didn't expect you to answer". Yet he continued to di so.

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