GDG Whole house water filters on Well
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Thread: GDG Whole house water filters on Well

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    Default GDG Whole house water filters on Well

    Anyone have any experience as consumer or installer of a whole house water filter for well water?
    Tom Dorroh
    Boston, GA

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    We have two wells on our property. The most important part of a well system is a good uv filter. We also use both an in-line charcoal filter and an in-line fabric filter. You may also need a water softener depending on the natural hardness of your water table. If you are using gravity to reach your point of use are, you may not need a pump to give you adequate pressure. Depending how far away your well is from your point of use area, you may want to consider a holding tank.
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    I'm installing a fabric filter w/ replaceable filters. $25 from Lowes + filter. If you have really gritty water, or fine silt and use a lot of water a more expensive self-cleaning spin filter might work better. The tip I got was to put the filter downstream of the pressure tank. That way if the filter clogs you won't inadvertently drain the pressure tank. And make sure it's protected from freezing.

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    Since I built my house 3 years ago I've been running a whole hose filter. Bought it through Aquasana (sp?). Easy to maintain, and I've had no problems. It consists of a spun poly prefilter for sediment and then a charcoal tank. The pre filter has to be changed periodocaly.

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    This outfit can take even the worst well water and make it excellent.
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    The best thing is to have your water tested to determine what needs to be filtered out. I have a whole house filter with a softener and the a system that removes hydrogen sulf. (actually ithink it just removes iron) The filter many protect the other two systems. With out these systems our well water smells really bad and is very hard. With it, water tastes and smells great

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    Dad has this at his house. He actually put in 2 filters before the pressure tank but only uses one at a time. This allows for easy changing. Simply spin on the new filter on the unused filter holder and open the gate valve. Close the gate valve on the other used filter, spin off and throw away. Whole process takes about 15 seconds. Dad can tell you much more about his system...has been trouble free since he built the house in 2003.
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