Whats the worse thing that has happened to a dog while in your kennel................
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Thread: Whats the worse thing that has happened to a dog while in your kennel................

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    Default Whats the worse thing that has happened to a dog while in your kennel................

    Had an awful situation this past weekend where an old 18mth BLM got a hold to a 6mth Boykin pup. Almost killed him and now we are looking at 3K of reconstructive surgery on the pups jaw.

    The BLM had never ever shown an aggression towards anyone or any dog. They were in the airing pen with some other dogs.

    Whats the worse thing you have had happen.

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    Climbing the corner trying to get out. Tore up his feet.

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    Had a bitch die of closed Pyo last month and over the course of 25 years 2 bloats ,that died. Really the worst call , when you say their dog is dead...
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    Heat stroke. The dog was on a perpetual lease and had only been here for 10 days. Toughest phone call I have ever made. My own dogs have had some doosies of their own, but at least they were mine.

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    My worst, was a dog who'd been in for boarding a few days. Was fine, but played with the others the night before, and banged into a post while chasing someone. He was sore, and I put hiim up. Next morning, wouldnt get out of crate , lift his head, nothing. Color was white as could be....
    He died en route to the vet. It was horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vet posted him, and saw major internal bleeding, he was certain the dog had gotten into rat poison and bled out-
    In talking to the owners, they did recall an empty box of D-con in the garage that had been chewed up, the day before he came to me, and never gave it a thought....Poor guy, he was not even two years old... Hard call to make ,1)telling them I had to rush him in becuase he was ill, and then 20 minutes later the call telling the owner he'd died.....
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    I was working a Weimaraner in the field in Oklahoma. He had pointed, held, and after the shot and retrieve, I released him to hunt up the next bird. He was about 150 yds away from me when it looked like he tripped....and I didn't see him get up. I ran to him, and tried canine CPR, but he had just dropped dead. Vet figured a heart problem....it's a health issue in the breed. I felt absolutely horrible....his owners were wonderful and very understanding, but it just tore me up.
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    A couple of years ago I had my 5 month old pup in the garage and he somehow got into my tackle box. I came out to a bunch of screaming and there he was with a mouth full of lures. He had 3 different sets of treble hooks stuck in his lips. Thankfully the Vet is basically just up the street.
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    Twenty years I had a lab try to climb out of a chain link fence late Saturday night. ( one of my other dogs start barking and this dog never bark) The dog got the tension bar that holds fence to post run thru skin on inside of its back leg. It hung there all night until I found Sunday morning. Took a couple of hours to get him to vet, but he was fine. He was wore out for quite some time.

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    My friend had a lab bitch in heat brought in for safe keeping for a few weeks, the owner wanted to breed her one last time and not on that cycle, they figured no problem.... apperantly an Airedale went through three chain link fences and shredded himself to get to her, as they were in the process of trying to stop the bleeding on the Airedale, his owner walked through the door. Then they had to call the owner of the lab and tell him he was having very driven Airedale pups...
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    I hate that initial feeling of "this phone call is going to really suck..."

    I had a little lab in for obedience and he could scale a 3 story building. He escaped and took off on a Sunday afternoon and it took 10 hours to find him, he was hanging out at an apartment complex.

    I had a bitch actually scale a kennel on heat and tie with my stud on her second cycle at 14 months. Was a planned breeding on her 3rd cycle. That one just happened 2 weeks ago.
    -Barton Ramsey

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