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Thread: TPLO Surgery- Torn ACL Questions

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    My female is 9 weeks post TTA and is doing great. Statistically, 40% who need surgery on one knee will need to have the other repaired. TTA and TPLO are both good choices. Dr. Levine did the surgery on our dog and he
    believes strongly that the dogs recover better and faster with TTA.

    We also did water treadmill therapy twice per week from week two through week 8. I got her swimming at least three times per week beginning week six. I wade into swimming depth and throw bumpers from that depth and keep her swimming non stop for about 10-15 minutes. It is very important to follow the post surgical advice from the surgeon. The after care is as important as the surgery.
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    My dog had TTA surgery when the first CCL tore. I had a TTA surgery performed. The knee was not stable after the surgery and there was meniscal issues so I was told. My dogs legs are rather straight and I later found out TPLO would have been a better option as it reconstructs the knee angle to a greater degree than TTA surgery. My dog then had a TR done on the leg to further stabilize the knee. Started to train again after 2 surgeries and rehabs with underwater treadmill and PT along with all prescribed exercise regiments and all seemed good. A few months later the other knee went and I took the dog for another surgery- TPLO. This time I took my time getting her back with lots of water work and stretching as the dog seems to be doing good but a bout of Anaplasmosis may have caused some joint discomfort and limping. Hence having dealt with 3 surgeries over 2 1/2 years it's been a long road back. Happy to say Maddie and I are back training and she's gone 2/3 on her Senior tests so far. I must say I keep my fingers crossed but think she's on the road to a full recovery. The leg with the TTA/TR is strong as ever and the other TPLO seems fine now too. I just remember when I was inquiring about the different options and I was talking to a well respected vet who said when asked about which surgery was best he replied" they don't call the TPLO the gold standard for nothing"
    Who knows and good luck!!!

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    Given where you are (and I live 2 miles from Cornell) I recommend VOSM in Maryland for surgery & diagnosis. They work with Lin McGonagle (vet PT in upstate NY) to do rehab after surgery.
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    When my bitch had one done , my surgeon and I both agreed that we did not see any reason to cut into perfectly healthy bone. Did the TR and it worked great
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    For what its worth. We had a good field trial prospect with a well known pro. The dog was doing great but needed a win for Title. At 31/2 he blew out his ACL & Meniscus. we had the TPLO surgery done & did rehab ourselves. We took our time & followed Dr's advice. After a yr we put him back on the Pro's truck. He campaigned & won a trial which gave him his FTCH. We also ran him in HRC events & he got his HRCH title.
    The other leg did blow out & we did another TPLO. After the 2nd surgery we retired him from competition at 8yrs old but did take him hunting.
    He was an exceptional dog that loved the game & lived to be 12 yrs old.

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    Dr. Melvin Pond New Haven Ct. did my girls TPLO. He was great and my girls is + 1 year post surgery and nock on wood doing great. The first few weeks were tuff, but things got better week after week. Rehab was not bad, hardest thing was to keep her quite.

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    I am sure you will be in good hands at Cornell, fortunately/unfortunately these procedures are common due to the high incidence of cruciate injuries. Your surgeon will guide you in the right direction as to TPLO or TTA. I would recommend these over a lateral suture for an athletic dog (and I would be surprised if the surgeons at Cornell would recommend it). TPLO is almost always indicated the case of an abnormal tibial slope and this is what the surgeon will evaluate for when making the decision as to which surgery is best for your dog. Rehab will be VERY important, so I would get set up with a certified rehab therapist ASAP after surgery. You also will be doing a lot of rehab at home (as others have described) - and the more committed you are the better and faster your dog will recover. These dogs can do very well after surgery. There was a dog running the National Amateur this year - 11 weeks post surgery...granted he had extensive daily rehab with a rehab specialist, but it just gives an idea of the possibilities.
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    I have a 7 month old BLF who began limping on her left hind leg last Friday. Yesterday I had her x-rayed for a preliminary OFA evaluation to insure the limping wasn't hip related. Her hips looked "excellent" according to the vet. The vet also examined her and told me she had a torn meniscus (he identified a "clicking" in the stifle joint movement) and a slight tear in the ACL. He suggested 2 weeks of rest and then a re-evaluation. He indicated that she is too young for surgery since her bone growth continues until 9 to 12 months old. However if she doesn't heal she will need TPLO surgery once she is old enough. Looking on the internet I found this site which claims many of the surgeries are unnecessary and result in poor out comes. In summary it recommends rest, use of braces and as a last resort surgery. The site is: As someone posted above I want to pursue the use of a brace. Due to my dogs age I think the brace can do no harm, provide her support to heal and provide me time until she is old enough for surgery if that becomes the last resort. Any advice on how to find a good vet that is experienced in braces and isn't going to push surgery? I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and any input would be helpful. This injury is frustrating since my dog was progressing so well.

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    I said that there had been a previous discussion by Dr Ed Aycock on the TPLO and recovery. Here are the threads:

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    3 TPLOs here! One girl went 2 years!! I thought I had dodged the bullet for blowing the other knee. Oh well. No regrets. For working dogs I would only do the TPLO. Did most of the rehab myself because. Live in the boonies. VOSM in Maryland did two and they are the best! Wish I were closer!
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