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Thread: TPLO Surgery- Torn ACL Questions

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    Thanks for all the comments, suggestions, advice and experiences. I read through them all. Cornell appointment is November 6th. We'll see what they say about the options. I'll keep you posted on their advice and our recovery. Could be a good learning opportunity for others on the site. Have a good week everyone!
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    My dog, HRCH Kuhn's Luke Lightning, 100lbs tall lab, 2 months from turning 12 years old, just tore his cruciate ligament in August. After much debate with what to do, my wife and I decided to go ahead with surgery-TPLO. He had the surgery on Oct. 2nd at Iowa State University. We took his staples out yesterday and he is doing great! No regrets so far. Taking him in next week for 5 days of rehab. He continues on leash walks for a total of 8 weeks. The first of December we will go back for a Xray to see how the bone healing process is going and hopefully get the ok to be off leash. I told my good ol dog that he has to live at least 2 more years. Initial consult -around $200.00 plus meds, total cost of surgery 2700.... 1 week of rehab including boarding -$300.00. Not cheap...but The 11+ years of companionship, hunting and bird retrieving, and food begging=I can't put on price on that.

    Good luck with your dog!

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    Quote Originally Posted by claycruncher View Post
    I have a 7 month old BLF who began limping on her left hind leg last Friday. Yesterday I had her x-rayed for a preliminary OFA evaluation to insure the limping wasn't hip related. Her hips looked "excellent" according to the vet. The vet also examined her and told me she had a torn meniscus (he identified a "clicking" in the stifle joint movement) and a slight tear in the ACL. He suggested 2 weeks of rest and then a re-evaluation. He indicated that she is too young for surgery since her bone growth continues until 9 to 12 months old. However if she doesn't heal she will need TPLO surgery once she is old enough. Looking on the internet I found this site which claims many of the surgeries are unnecessary and result in poor out comes. In summary it recommends rest, use of braces and as a last resort surgery. The site is: As someone posted above I want to pursue the use of a brace. Due to my dogs age I think the brace can do no harm, provide her support to heal and provide me time until she is old enough for surgery if that becomes the last resort. Any advice on how to find a good vet that is experienced in braces and isn't going to push surgery? I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and any input would be helpful. This injury is frustrating since my dog was progressing so well.
    There is a newer technique for TPLO making the tibial cut lower and not involving the growth area of the bone and therefore applicable for immature dogs. The article that I read was published by Dr. Don Hulse, a noted veterinary orthopedic surgeon. If you are interested I will find the article. It is important to know that degenerative joint changes are not arrested by wearing a brace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krakadawn View Post
    There is a 4th option depending on your dog's age.
    My FT dog blew first crucia at 9yrs, had TR done and rehabbed. He blew the other leg late in his 10 th year. My vet recommended no surgery due to his age and sent me to 'Pawsability' in Toronto. The young lady who runs this service worked for Sick Kids in Toronto doing braces and prosthetics....she knows her business. She has a great understanding of not only ACL but numerous other dog related issues.

    She made a leg brace for the injured leg. It is a self supporting made to fit brace with stainless hinge. Numerous measurements made prior to making and fitting it. The injured leg is totally supported and within a week he was comfortable walking on leg with pressure on foot. Brace was removed each night.

    Brace came off 6 months later, this leg is stronger and steadier than the other.

    She has a website with numerous pictures of her braces. Cost of brace was $900 and gave good results.
    This, and stem cell rejuvenation, are two of the up and coming treatments for this and other orthopedic problems ..

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