GDG How much food has your dog eaten?
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Thread: GDG How much food has your dog eaten?

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    Default GDG How much food has your dog eaten?

    We used to live in an old farm house that had a garage attached to it and there was a stoop that we would keep two steel garbage cans on that contained cat food and dog food, the door to this stoop had a doggie door that lead to the garage and then out to the kennel out back.
    At the time there were 4 dogs that had run to this area, anyway I come home from work and get greeted at the door by 2, the other ones were older and didn't move much unless it was feeding time.
    I happened to notice that my small YLF Callie-Roo looked a little round and I said the WTH? Well, I made it to the back door to let the other 2 out to use the potty and when I opened the backdoor to the stoop, low and behold here is one of the garbage cans tipped over and every single piece of cat food was gone.
    Now mind you the chocolate lab was 13 and he only moved when the refrigerator door handle was touched and the old Rottie he only came when bowls clanged.

    So between Callie and the younger Rottie the devoured #20 of catfood. So in my being ticked off I stayed the course and feed as normal, needless to say it was the first time I had ever seen a lab not eat.
    Oh the things our dogs do to entertain or scare us.
    The foundation to a great retriever is obedience.
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    That is scary! And to not eat! I had my old guy eat the young dog's food about half of the container (small bag). I caught him red handed chowing down. I figured he had enough food and he did not get food that night much to his dismay!. And he would have eaten again if he could. That is a Lab!!
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    Sounds like something I've had happen. My CLM used to figure out how to flip the lid of the trash can that housed the dog food. Now it sits in a closet out of sight and locked up!
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    Years ago, my Springer jumped the fence between my house and my neighbor's house. They used to leave their sliding door open to allow their dog to go in and out during the day while they were at work. She came home and found my dog and her dog laying miserably on her couch. The dogs split a 20# bag of food, 2 boxes of cereal and a container of pancake syrup. Most of the syrup was on the kitchen floor.

    My dog literally scared the crap out her cat. It was all over the house... I have never been so embarrased in my life. She wouldn't let me help clean up, so I had the pizza guy deliver a couple of pizzas for her and her kids while theycleaned. I miss my old boy. I had to put him down last month after 15 fun filled years.

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