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Thread: T- Work Question ? Training Locations ?

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    Default T- Work Question ? Training Locations ?

    Just finished up force to pile, and in the begining stages of T and Pile Work. My question is We have been working on an established pile here at the house, but will quickly run out of room once we move past Mini T, And I also have acess to several other areas !

    I have been using a soccer field that is on the way back from my kids schools, that I have been using to work on extending marking range, and starting doubles being it's flat and mowed its a great place, and its out away from distractions, and a great place to train !

    My question is ! Is there any negatives to doing T and Pile work in 2 diffrent locations ? The soccer field is great, and I can establish a Pile there and also continue to work in the back yard here at house !

    I see no negatives myself as long as she does not get confused, and continues a good additude and momentum to both piles, BUT I want ya'lls experienced opinion on this, cause there may be something negative I may cause, by over looking something !

    I am able to train twice a day, but can only make it to the soccer fields in the mornings, Is there any negatives to using both of these places ? or is it better to work a established pile, then move to the next location ?
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    No problem. Only disadvantage is it takes more time to establish the piles in two places than one.

    The advantage is sometimes the dog has a better understanding of casting (that it is not to a particular pile or location but relative to their position.)

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    I have been using 3, due to pee-wee football practice always being in the wrong place at the wrong time for me to work.
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