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Thread: Whats the best way to break up a dog fight?

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    Hope you've got two people; each grabs a tail and works there way up the back to get control of the head. If your alone; hope one of the dogs is pretty good at listening to you, so you can kick them off, when you get to the aggressors head. I never seen it done with anything akin to grace, and girls are ten-times harder to break-up than boys. It's much better to make sure it doesn't happen. Water hose; can stop a fight if you have correct timing, but once they're in a real fight it just equals = blood and everyone wet, you'd have to have a fire-hose pressure to break some apart, when they decide to get into it.
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    Quickest way to seriously get bit is to break up a dog fight by grapping one of the dogs. I was stitched up only once. hurt like hell, scared the crap out of me. Dog bites are nasty. My scar is very jagged and have some nerve damage to my left thumb
    If you are near a garden hose ,yell , I have used a big wiffle bat.
    Best is to read the dog and head off the fight and PLEASE don't make any excuses for the dog's behavior.
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    This was a project were working on and it was the owners dogs fighting, but my male is aggresive and I worry about it happening to me some day. Its almost happened a time or two from my mistakes. The owner has had the problem before and he wasnt worried about it.
    I was concerned about something coming up blaming us on the attack

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    Air horn scares the hell out of them
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    I have broke up several dog attacks. Luckily one dog was not interested in fighting so I only had to deal with one dog attacking. I grab the dog by the back legs which has always made the dog pause or stop attacking and I swing the dog away from the other dog. None of the dogs have been human aggressive so I have not been bite. Never grab at the front of the dog because that is when I have been hurt. Two weeks ago in agility class a herding dog came after my Labrador who was running a course. The herding dog bite my dog in the butt. I called my dog to me, but since they run naked I tried to hold my dog by the neck until the owner could get her dog. The dog came in for another bite on the butt. My dog throw her head up and hit me in the mouth causing me to bite my lip. When all was calm I was the only one bleeding. The other dog was upset by the verbal correction and my dog seemed only interested in finishing her course. My Labrador is fast and she does cause many herding dogs a bit of stress and pushes their herding instinct bottom. My other Labrador is so passive that dogs have come at her too. Most people feel bad, but one guy in my class has come close to having a dog with no teeth because he just will not keep his dog on a tight lead. If I know the attack is coming I have no problem stepping in with a foot either to stomp the ground or kick the aggressive dog. Some dogs are good liars and that is when you have problems.

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    once a pitbull was locked on a little poodle, someone got the hose, when i got there I told the pits owner to kick him in the balls and get the hell away.........that worked and it was good he got away. it was just enough to get the pit loose and away. Unfortunately the poodle didnt make it.

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    44 inch cattle prod, but don't tell PETA

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    TELL THE OWNER TO NEUTER THOSE TWO, then have the owner find someone that understands and can read canine body language/behavior so he can learn to cut this off before it escalates.

    If 2 dogs are in training and they have the energy to fight they are not being trained enough - wear them out.
    Discipline is no excuse for a lack of enthusiasm !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brokengunz View Post
    ..... kick him in the balls and get the hell away.........that worked......
    If God had wanted us to use our hands to break up a dog fight he would not have made.

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