Diet change for hunting season?
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Thread: Diet change for hunting season?

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    Default Diet change for hunting season?

    Since we are into hunting season, and my dog is working longer hours on a pretty frequent basis I've started to increase the amount of food my dog gets. Don't need him getting too lean! Just today we hunted upland for half the day, covered a lot of ground and the dog worked hard.
    I figure an increase in the calorie intake is needed to keep him in good shape.

    Wondering what everybody does during hunting season? Do you increase your dogs food intake? Keep everything the same? Add any supplements?

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    1 cup of rice boil that morning and two heaping tablespoons of peanut butter. At 9 o'clock when there is a break in the action, honey/oats granola bar one bar or maybe two depending on temps.

    My two cents.
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    The harder they hunt,the colder, nastier it is,the more or higher calorie I'll feed.

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    I like to have meat on them during duck season. If I was hunting upland I would feed them more but keep them at fighting weight. Supplement with peanut butter or energy bards during mid morning and mid afternoon. When I'm duck hunting in cold, I like to have two dogs and rotate them if they are swimming much.
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    Glycocharge is a great energy booster after a long hunt. Impact by Annamet to keep weight on or increase weight.

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    I feed my dog just a bit more than usual. He's nine now and hasn't been in full time training for the last 2 duck seasons. So during the off season I feed him a standard 26/18 style food. During duck season I put him on a 30/20 formula. Works out fine for us.
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    Mine is almost 11 now and I have always done the same as Jim Danis above. 30/20 during training hard and hunting season and less protein - less fat during off season( he does not train year round). Some guys are keeping dogs on 30/20 year round and just adjust the amount they feed at different times of the year( this is what I am doing with my young dog that gets alot of training and exercise.

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