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Thread: How many of you who hunt from a boat or stand...

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    I hunt from a boat blind as well and the dog sits on the front deck. I used to do the old fashion reach over and help him over the side getting totally soaked. I built a removable dog ladder this year and have done some training with it and so far love the results.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Robinson View Post
    I routinely use a vest, our water's cold even on opening day. 90% of my hunting is out of our boat blind with the dog sitting either on the fore deck or smaller area next to the outboard. My dogs swim back to the boat, somehow even in deeper water put their front paws over the edge of the deck and expect me to haul them up by their skin or vest.

    Yoda in his spot on the bow, November 2007...
    Looks a lot like our boat John!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evan View Post
    Looks a lot like our boat John!


    Here's some construction pics. The boat in the hunting shot was my buddy Neil's boat, a Devlin SnowGoose, these or of my boat a Devlin Cackler that I lengthened, widened and took a little V out of the bottom for shallow water.

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    I like the handles a lot but we ran into an issue last year with a crippled bird that swam into a down tree where a branch got lodged in the handles and would not allow the dog to swim back. Had to untie the boat and physically untangle the dog. Probably a 1:1,000,000,000 chance it'll happen again but rethinking the handles.
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    I've used both methods and still do depending upon the situation.
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    Tried the handle, must've been a pretty poor handle as it ripped off sent us both flying; still I've become tired of being wet and having the dog have to creep through us to get back to her place on the bow; so this year we got a ladder, so she can do it on her own; she seems to have the hang of it in the summer weather, although it'll have to be adjusted for the duck boat, but I hope it works
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    I use a vest when hunting the bays 100% of the time. With the combo of cold water and current, I wont hunt without one. Also have a fold up dog ladder that works real well. Its hard to find a stable/strong ladder. I have had to use the ladder myself to get it in.
    For me the vest didnt really change how the dog gets in, the ladder did.

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    I use a vest when I go from a warm fall to a hunt up North with a dog that has not acclimated. But, i will always use the push on the back of the head and let or make the dog give the effort to get in the boat, or truck for a young pup which is where i start it. Can't say why, but it seems like you are asking for trouble if you dont let them do the work themselves, not to mention dragging their legs across boat gunwhale, possibility they may hang up in a blind, etc. If they place their feet and i help them out with a push on the head, it seems less likely to have problems.... IMHO.
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    So, if I get one of these vests,... and someone asks if my dog handles,... I can now say, "YES"?

    Ahhhh, the smell of a bay dog... nothin finer!

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    I run the boaters dog parka, I usually use either a stand on the shore or a ground force dog blind. If from the boat I put the dog blind on the bow of my boat draped with the camo netting. He comes in from the back into the boat to the front deck then into the blind.
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