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Thread: Training alone question

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    Default Training alone question

    I have 2 wingers both with remote triggers.

    I set up a double. Dog needs help on memory bird.. What do you guys that train alone do?

    I go to training days on weekends where there are real Bird boys. I dont think however, my dog understands BB help.

    She rarely gets it (BB help) MOST of the time,,,,,, I handle.


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    I use the quack feature to help the dog.
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    I have wingers and a five shooter, I use the TT electronics so I use quack sound to help the dogs out with the wingers, If the dog is lost on the 5 shooter and I have a shot left I will try sound which usually works, if not I will shoot another bumper.
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    Quack sound CAN help, but it also tends to draw the dog in to the winger, not out to the mark! You could also put two wingers up for one mark if you know it may cause problems, so you are ready for a second shot. If you are doing doubles without help, and you can't afford more wingers or launchers, you are going to have to handle. It sucks as a help method.
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    Like you, I train alone with just 2 wingers. I sometimes scent the area of the fall for the memory bird. Helps keep the dog in the area, and thus increases the chance of finding the bird. If she doesn't get to the area of the fall, I handle her to it.
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    If I'm training alone with wingers I try to set up marks my dog should be able to do without help, and run singles off multiple guns. If I really need to school a concept I'll put two wingers in one location for help if I absolutely need it. I'll save the tougher marks for when I can get together with a group. I have been known to set up a tougher scenario than I thought it would be and had to handle, but I would rather train for confidence and simplyfy the marks.

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    Singles!! when I train alone, it is almost always singles. Walking singles more than winger singles.

    If I want to work on memory, I throw the single, no them off to run a blind, and then pick up the single. That way, you could put both wingers in the same spot.

    If they need "help" I handle.

    If you are handling with BB helpers, why do you not want to handle when training alone? are you putting out white coats or anything to help her remember where the memory mark was thrown from?
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    I'll repeat what my Mom taught me. If you put it on your plate, you are going to eat it. So before asking for double servings of broccoli & brussel sprouts make sure you like them. Handling on marks is as distasteful to me as broccoli & brussel sprouts. So I work hard not to pile it on my plate.

    I am in a similar situation with 2 working wingers. When I work on memory with a difficult mark, I use the following scenerio. Put both wingers in one spot. Throw the mark with one winger. Leave the mark & run a blind that will add suction to the factors already present. Now run the mark. The second winger can now throw another bird if needed.

    At this point in my life, I have a bird boy when I can bribe or con my 12 year old into throwing birds. The best option is for me to throw marks & Gray run my dogs.

    Good luck!
    Mark Land

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    What about simplifying the marks (shorter cover or no cover) and or seeding the area of fall for the memory mark.

    Is the pup getting close to where the memory mark is or is she having no clue?

    If she doesn't seem like she remembers it, I'd probably shorten it up and lessen the cover and make it so can even see it from the line.

    Another option is running the memory mark first as a single and then as the memory bird on a double.
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    I would set the two wingers together for a spare throw if needed and hand throw the go bird from the line or walk out a bit and throw it. Or if you need an easier memory bird than hand throw first and then the winger. If the dog starts to break down throw the second winger before the dog is far off course. Avoid handling unless it is an older dog and is breaking down due to factors.
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