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Thread: Going to cattle ranch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Johnson View Post
    Actually the story is true ... kinda. Once an inmate awoke in the middle of the night, walked over to HQ and entered the office and took a gun. Then he hiked down to the warden's house and shot the warden and his wife. (The warden's son also worked for corrections and was a close friend of mine.) Then he hiked back up the hill, returned the gun to the office and went back to bed. This was perhaps 15 years ago. He was executed several years ago. Never heard why he did this. We were kept from training or eventing on the Ranch for about 5 (?) years.

    When we were given permission to train again, the new warden came out to watch and he was hooked. Soon he got a dog and spent most evenings training and then got another dog ...

    That's what I heard too expect for the kids part. Now the Warden's old home is Dog HQ used by club members and workers. I had to throw in the children for a little Halloween drama
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    Stay away from the Greenwood Inn, the cheap pricing is tempting but you get what you pay for.....I have stayed there twice and I won't be going back again!! Good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryan Manning View Post
    Okay going to the cattle ranch for first time. Where is the best place to stay for a decent price? I know demopolis hotels are listed are they decent hotels?
    In Demopolis, there's $$$ and there's flea bag. Take your pick. If I described the room I paid $55 for, you wouldn't believe me. It made me long for luxurious confines of a Motel 6.
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    All good comments, Demopolis has 3 decent places to stay
    Comfort inn, best Western and the Days inn
    The comfort inn and best western will not let you bring the dogs in, days inn has a small fee.
    You could go up to Eutaw and stay at the Casino

    Several good places to eat so you wont go without.
    Cajons in Faunsdale is a short drive, only open on fri and sat night and it is a step back in time
    Emmas on 43 s is a great hamburger place
    The Train Wreck in Linden is good food also. Any of those places you can take your sidekick

    To add to the warden story- the incident happened in 92, the warden and wife were killed along with 2 inmates trying to protect them. It did not happen in the WH but across the road in that grove of trees where many air a house set in there.
    The state tore the house down after a period

    The replacement warden - sonny Free did get a lab, given to him by Jeff Horsely and that started the whole business
    Sonny is out of the sport now and somewhat sad as we dont remember him enough for what he gave us.
    Thank jeff also the next time you see him.

    Many others have contributed to the place being what it is today but Sonny was the first.

    Come have a have a nice time and good luck

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    Thanks for all the replies got a place and hope to have a good time down there. And the story about the warden makes me realize once again we are not guaranteed tomorrow. So no matter where we stay I'm going to enjoy doing something I love. God bless!
    Bryan Manning

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    Franco -

    The warden's old home is not the White House but rather the brick single story ranch house about a half mile away sitting by itself.

    Dave - I don't remember the warden's house being in any location other than where it is now. I seem to recall that it was re-built but not that it was moved. Course with my strokes my memory gets hazy but I seem to recall running an HRC Started test between that grove and the entrance road with a dog that would have run started in the early 90's. <shrug>
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