4yo intact male interested in our old 11 yo nutered male
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Thread: 4yo intact male interested in our old 11 yo nutered male

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    Default 4yo intact male interested in our old 11 yo nutered male

    We have 4 dogs, 3 labs and a golden. In the past couple months the 4 yo intact golden has taken a real interest sniffing our 11 yo nutered m lab. He follows the lab around constantly sniffing at him, the lab is dysplastic and slow, offers no resistance usually, but does not like it, occasionally a quick snap at the other dog. the other two, a nutered 5 yo m lab and a fixed 4 yo f lab are not interested in any of this. my wife thinks the old male is giving off some oder now, possibly from a unknown medical condition, that has not occured in the past. the golden whines a lot over this, making himself a real nusance, and wanting more contact with the old guy. the old guy has been on several meds for a couple years, nothing changed in last 2 yrs, for his bad hip joints, most notibly norvox daily. Any ideas what could be causing this behavior change in our young golden? Bud
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    I would get the old guy checked to see if he has a urinary infection. If not, I would put the old guy on some cranberrry caps. The cranberry changes the pH of the urine, hence changing the way the dog smells to other dogs. I have used it on a bitch that attracted males all year around and they stopped bothering her in a couple of weeks after the cran caps.


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    It seems some neutered dogs and spayed bitches smell like a "bitch in heat" all the time.
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