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Thread: To get the same breed, or different?...

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    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Labs, but a springer spaniel is my preference for upland game. My springer spaniels covers a lot of ground, even in heavy cover, and seems to have a better nose than any lab my dogs have ran with (I may be bias on this one ). They are a smart dog too, but sometime too smart for their own good because they can be difficult at times training. All of mine are speed demons in the field and very calm in the house. My buddies all have labs and it is really great when they run together; you get the speed and the more methodical slower lab that make a GREAT combo too. It seems to make the birds a little more antsy and get up instead of running in WI.

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    Here is my big guy. I have been hunting him hard the past few weeks on ducks and pheasants and been doing a lot of cardio training with him and hes lost 18 lbs and is one lean mean hunting machine now. Took him out on Sunday pheasant hunting and hunted hard for 2 hours before we had to take a break. Kicked up 4 hens and 1 rooster that had a flack jacket on and would not die lol. Excellent nose now after buying live birds for training. I do believe in my heart I will be getting another lab this spring! Thanks to EVERYBODYS input and stories!! Happy hunting!
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