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Thread: How should it fit?

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    Default How should it fit?

    I just got an Avery Boaters Parka for my dog. Measured his neck and chest before I ordered and got the size it specified. Being the first one I've bought though when I put it on him I can't decide if it's too tight or not around his mid section. How tight should it be? How do you know when it is too tight?

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    It should be snug around the chest to the mid section. There can be some play in the vest near the rear as some dogs have an thinner tuck than others. What I do to test the fit from the rear is try to put my hand between the vest and the dog along the spine. If can can put my hand in then its too loose, if its snug then you good. A couple of things, make sure you trim the vest around the dogs legs to avoid any chaffing and when trimming there are cross stitches to trim to, don't cut past the last cross stitch. When its trimmed apply some waterproof glue along the stiches including the cross stich to prevent any unnecessary stiches coming loose
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