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Thread: Dog cuts don't heal well - any advice or products to help?

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    Default Dog cuts don't heal well - any advice or products to help?

    My young lab, although healthy, does not heal well from cuts. Cuts don't scab over well and take a very long time to heal leaving her more open to infection and keeping us out of training or hunting for longer periods of time. My experience is based on her spay surgery, some stitches from taking a frozen stick to the chest during training (scared the crap out me) and a couple of small cuts from hunting. Have any of yall found any product or do anything which helps cuts scab over or heal faster?

    P.S. She's got vests for hunting to better protect her before someone mentions that. I'm just looking to see if there are any tips to get cuts to scab over faster and heal better.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    I have had good luck with Vetericyn for wounds and infection care.Stuff ain't cheap but it works well for me.
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    ditto vetericyn....good stuff, works
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    I use dermachlor a blue liquid. Anything you put it on will be scabbed over by morning. I even use it on myself. Great stuff.
    You can get it on Amazon.
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    Start putting a zinc tablet in her food everyday, it wll help her heal better and have thicker skin and pads.
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    I have had good luck with Cut & Heal Vanish but I think that they changed the formula. Vetericyn has two different formulations, the one that the vet uses is much better than what you buy off the shelf.

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    I like this stuff, available from your vet.

    The Vetericyn works well also.

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    another vote for Vetericyn...had a horse get kicked by one of the other horses, too late for stitches by the time I saw it. It was as big as the palm of my hand, rinsed it and sprayed with Vetericyn several times a day. Within 2 weeks, it was almost completely closed, today it just looks like a cowlick/whirl in the hair. I've used it on some cuts with the dogs with great results, too.
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    I'd ask why she's not healing, rather than which topical products will create a scab....
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    Livestock salve called Corona is awesome stuff!

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