So as one who is blasted by the liberals non stop I have to ask the question. what is the liberal attitude that people have a right to a taxpayer paid phone, taxpayer paid food, taxpayer paid housing, etc based on?
My parents were children in Britian during WWII. They always stressed to my brother and I that money had little to do with what one could get for the family.
A refirbished bike for Chritmas was a huge deal because a new one could not be bought. They just were not made.
You could not buy certain foods, you needed a coupon to allow you to purchase said item.
Food coupons, which gave you the ability to BUY the item not get the item were traded.
Example, My maternal grandmother used to trade candy coupons for tea coupons. Again this only gave you the ability to buy the item.
Want a bit more meat than your coupons allow you to buy? Go repair the farmers machinery on your time.
Want some spending money? Go work the berries or Tatties.
So no I don't want to pay for someones kid!