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    Just wanted to say hi. I'm new to the site but not new to retrievers. I've trained a few dogs that just hunted but got a new pup and thinking about taking it a little futher this time.
    You guys seem like a wealth of knowledge and and input or help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Not sure whose program I'm am going to go with yet.

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    WELCOME!!! I have a 4 1/2 month old that I want to get into the hunt test game and my husband wants to hunt her. I started with the Sound Beginnings DVD (which was recommended on this site to me - good place to start - very basic) by Jackie Mertens. I thought I could do it myself, but quickly figured out to be competitive, I needed help and I was afraid of training my dog the wrong way. However on the other hand, I wasn't thrilled about sending my dog away to be trained. So I found an excellent trainer who is training me along with her - and the dog is a faster learner than me!!! The tips from the pro are priceless!! I don't have a bucket load of money either to spend, so I pitch in as much as I can helping her move dogs around and get a nice discount on lessons - it just worked out that way. The benefit is I can come home and be confident that I am doing the right thing at the right time and work with my dog myself. I have found that the most reputable trainers who are in it for the breed want to spread their knowledge and help us newbies. She wasn't the only one to offer me this type of deal. Check around with the pro's in your area!!! Good Luck!!

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    Welcome! you are in for fun.
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