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Thread: (NY) Bumper Boy Bumpers

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    Default (NY) Bumper Boy Bumpers

    Anyone have any Bumper Boy bumpers to sell? Mine are trashed and I cant get any more.

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    I took regular 3" bumpers, drilled a 3/4" hole in the bottom, stole the hardware (tube and flat washer) from the worn out BB bumpers, filled them full of Great Stuff foam spray and shoved the hardware in. Once they set up, they work awesome! Messy work, but the foam cleans right off the bumpers when its dry. If they seal off and can't get air, they have trouble drying. I ended up drilling 1/4" vent holes in the bottom and top, and adding foam to some to really fill them up.

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    Retrieve-R-Trainer bumpers will work on the Bumper Boys as well.

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