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Thread: AKC? No talking to dog untill released

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas D View Post
    In my (HT) opinion, if it's a natural shifting of the feet as you turn to follow the birds with the gun, it's OK. I think we have all seen the 3 ft long foot drag that is not acceptable. Some judges warn, some drop.
    Vibram soles on a mat can be a lifesaver It might get me dropped one day but when the darn critter is locked on the out of order flyer and isn't going to see the next one down, that will get me dropped only slightly less quickly. Still, I try to be subtle. I haven't resorted to slapping the fire ants yet, but have seen that done a time or two.

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    I train on line manners and moving WITH me almost every single day. When I go to the test I do whatever it takes to get my dog's mind on me. I am for sure going to get dropped if he breaks, creeps and doesn't heel back or if he does not look at each bird go down. Worse yet, if I don't correct an improper behavior, all our work goes out the window. I don't cheat or try any sneaky tricks, (rattling chains, lifting hat etc) but I don't stand there like a lump while my dog comes undone. I let the judge decide how well we met the standard. I can remember a few years back standing at the line with my jaw hanging down and my whistle dangling in the breeze while my dog broke and got to the flyer. Never fixed that dog. Never again!
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