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Thread: John McClain

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    Quote Originally Posted by mudminnow View Post
    John Maclain, is he the long lost brother of Norman and Paul Maclean? I may vote for him if that is the case
    I was thinking maybe Shirley's long lost brother from a previous lifetime

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    Let the purge of the formerly solid conservatives who are now too moderate continue....

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    Henlee, I voted for McCain, and I gave him credit for having some character based on his POW history.

    However, watching his behavior since 2008 I have come to a different opinion on him. His support of "bi-partisan" Senate immigration bill was part of it. His constituents are among those who suffer most from the issue of illegal immigration, and putting his trust in this administration not to negate border security provisions of that proposed bill was naive at best. He's been in DC long enough to not be so naive. I think his constituents may have noticed as well.

    I like McCain. He reminds of the old school politicians from when I was coming up. To be honest he is the old school politicians from when I was growing up. It has not made him popular, but his ability to cross the aisle and get votes has made him useful and relevant. The fact that he has to cross now and then himself is just the cost of doing business. Sen. Cruz may be the flavor of the week, but he will not be getting results and will fail in the long run. The way that he hung congressional republicans out to dry in his failed debacle will not gain him much support in the future. It is pretty well known that McCain would not screw over the people helping him. If McCain is pushing a law, it has a good chance to pass, because he has amassed the political muscle to move it through. I don't know if Sen. Cruz would have known what to do if he had succeeded, I don't think he planned on winning. I think he just wanted to make some political points and get his name out there for his 2016 run.

    I understand why conservatives hate him. Compromise or deviation from the ideology is to be severely punished, but I think McCain has amassed enough political power where he doesn't have to give a crap about them. I think his constituents know what he can bring home to the state and how much pull he has in the senate. It is better to ride that bull until it is dead then start over with some upstart who is only going to sling mud at the wall and see what sticks. I could be wrong though, but I wouldn't bet against him.

    Yes, I believe Rubio was no less naive ... but he seems to have come to a more realistic place after the POTUS and Ds demonstrating what their version of "negotiating" is like.

    I felt from Rubio's statement that he saw the opportunity to back away from a position that was going to be difficult at best to pass in good times and all but impossible after they (the R's) just took a licking. He can argue for it when the time is better for him. I am guessing right before the election so he can court the Hispanic vote. it was a shrewd move on his part and I admire him for it. He would have been lambasted for trying to pass it with the party in turmoil.

    Lastly, his behavior on several occasions leads me to believe that he is more for McCain than he is for his constituents. He resorted to name-calling and demeaning of his colleagues. I believe he was envious of the following of Rs that rallied around Cruz and Lee ... that he envied they were able to demonstrate a leadership that he has never really inspired. Even if you don't agree with Cruz or Lee, it's hard to deny that they are leaders. Even the MSM were willing to grant that I think he has a bitterness about him in having lost the race in 2008, and he lost what "power" he might have had as a "leader" in the R party ... even when it's been pretty hard to find a leader in the R party. Do we really need a DC sider serving another 6-yr term beginning at the age of 80? I really don't think so.

    Cruz and Lee are only going to be flavors of the week. If you are unfortunate enough to have them around in the general election, well lets just say hello to President Clinton now. They are very popular with the conservative base, but that is about it. I think they will be the new Sara Palins by the election however and non factors. I don't think he is bitter about the election, I think he just bitter. Election laws favor incumbents to such an extreme measure, that if he wants to run again he is almost certain to win.
    "It’s hard to win an argument with a smart person, but it’s damn near impossible to win an argument with a stupid person." - Bill Murray

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