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Thread: Need a vet while hunting in North Dakota?

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    Default Need a vet while hunting in North Dakota?

    This last Thursday my son and I were Pheasant hunting 25 miles southwest of Harvey his young Tiger pup (20months and turning into a very nice dog he is a Pheasant hunting machine) started passing a very loose and bloody stool the second one was pretty much all blood (I've tracked rifle shot deer that bled less) We left the field an made a high speed run to Harvey found the clinic and went in. The vet examined him right away took his vitals temp was a little high but He said everything else was fine and not serious. Could be caused by stress or drinking slough water. Gave him a antibiotic injection, 10 500mg amoxicillin caps advised resting him and we were back in the field with my two dogs in 1hr 10min The cost at the clinic was $39.15. The next morning his stool was back to normal. If you are anywhere near Harvey I highly recommend the Sheridan Animal Hosp. They also have a clinic in McClusky The hour and 10 was from the time we put him in the truck and left till the time we were hunting again
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    You musta been near Denhoff. Nice area and the Vets know how to take care of business. Thanks for the reference I will be sure to make note of that the next time I am in Sheridan CO.
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